Capitol of VirginiaEveryday I find inspiration for my dyed yarns within the City that I love and now call home. Residing in Richmond Virginia, there are so many tempting sights to see between my home and my job. The colors of a city vary from state to state, but here in Virginia you don’t have to go far to find something beautiful. Virginia is the south and as a result there are a lot of red roofs, iron works, and stucco. Progress has been made and as a result there are many glass structures and large buildings trying to over take the simplicity and awesome of the original architecture. There are some green spaces within our city that provide lush greenery and explosions of color. I thought about the sights that I see as I travel to work each day. One of the sites that many times I take for granted is the Capitol building. The history of this building is amazing. The grandeur and pomp and ceremony cries out from every angle. Look at that grass. People come from miles, other states, and countries to visit this structure.

So, how does a white building provide inspiration? Glad you asked. It doesn’t, but the estate does. The grass is always the greenest, freshly manicured and never a bald spot seen. The flowers are rotated every two or three years allowing me to see a new color palate when this happens. During the fall season the changing of the leaves is so amazing, providing a range of reds, yellows, and greens compliments of nature. The building does cause me to pause and take full advantage of what I have the privilege to see every day. The amazing architecture.

Tomorrow on my walk home, I think I will take some photos of some of the new murals displayed in our downtown area. Now there’s some color for you. Enjoy your day. Stay cool – it keeps the yarn from sticking.

Knit with happiness, anger tightens the yarn.

Urban Girl Yarns